Roberto Sonnino

Roberto is chief organiser for the Seattle Lindy Extravaganza in Seattle, USA

"Sarah was way more than just an MC at SLX 2019. From wrangling competitors, to setting up lights, to staying until the last minute of late night, she was a force that moved the whole event forward, and made sure the attendees were having a great time. The MC job was also expertly done, with appropriate preparation and care for details before and during the events. Highly recommended! (and hopefully available next summer...)"

max christiansson

Max runs Malmö Spring Jump in Sweden

"Sarah/DJ Spoon had a very professional approach with an easy going spirit, and she came to our event with a lot of positive energy. She held the dance floor bumping (in the best way possible) until late, when we unfortunately had to leave, because of Swedish regulations. As both an organiser and participant I would highly recommend her for any kind of future performances and hope she’ll be back with us next year."

Oliver fuhrmann

Oli is one of the key organisers for Cirque Du Solo, Berlin

"After having her DJ for Cirque du Solo in Berlin in November 2018, I can only say: Sarah Spoon is an amazing person and a very skilled DJ that thoughtfully selects her tunes to play up to the occasion, be it classic swing or late night party music! What I appreciate a lot is that she is also very flexible and forgiven when planned schedules go out of order because bands decide to play each set 15 minutes longer (which is usually a good sign!) - so we definitely want to have her back for Cirque du Solo 2019, also because I still owe her a printed bag! "

Ben white

Ben runs the Big Sky Weekend and the scene in Seattle, USA

"DJ Spoon is life! She brought energy, vim, and vigor to every set she played as a DJ at Big Sky Weekend, and was a joyful presence through the rest of the event even when she wasn't on duty. 10/10, would recommend."

 heather flock

Heather is the co-owner and resident teacher at Frim Fram, New York

"We have had Sarah at Frim Fram Jam both as a teacher for our drop-in class and as a DJ, Sarah is a consummate professional: she shows up on time, is prepared for the gig, rolls with the punches and is ready with solutions. As DJ, Sarah has depth and breadth in her collection and is focused on what the floor is responding to rather than be tied to her own agenda. If she was local, she’d be on our regular rotation.
As a teacher and performer, Sarah immediately unified the class with a super fun non-swing warm-up and then got right down to it teaching in less than an hour all the basics to get our students dancing that night, but also introduced – in an accessible way – musicality concepts and ways of execution that I see many teachers struggle to present to advanced students.Five stars. Would hire again. Highly recommend. *commence rainbow explosion*"

Cari westbrook

Cari is the co-founder of the Switch Workshop, San Fancisco

"We hired DJ Sarah Spoon for The Switch Workshop 2018, and it was an excellent choice! Her music was fun and appropriate to the event, which had the extra challenge of targeting ambi-dancers (who will always dance their primary role if uncomfortable). Sarah was able to transition between all styles of music seamlessly and keep dancers happy the entire time. She responded to my needs as an organizer professionally — always willing to go the extra mile, cover an extra shift, and make sure I wasn’t stressed about any of it! Best of all, she didn’t just sit behind the DJ booth; when she wasn’t playing music, she was dancing, talking, and learning alongside the event attendees. She was engaged with the success of the event as a whole, which makes such a difference to me as an organizer."

Sascha Selke

Sascha is a founding member of All that Swing- Salzburg Swing Dance Association, Austria

"Sarah honoured us with her visit to teach at one of our major yearly workshop weekends. The feedback from our students was enthusiastic bordering on ecstatic. Both in teaching and as a person she delighted us with her professional yet uncomplicated, smart, funny and thoughtful ways. We hope to bring her back very soon." 

Stine Harrekilde

Stine runs the Copenhagen Lindy Exchange, Denmark

"I had the pleasure of hiring Sarah as a DJ for the Copenhagen Lindy Exchange 2018 and then the chance to really listen to her dj’ing skills at Malmo Spring Jump. As an organiser, I found that Sarah was great to work with, somehow becoming a natural part of the event and bringing constructive and honest feedback which was valuable. As a DJ, her love for the music and the dance floor is visible. The energy she brings is palpable - in the best way possible, both when dj’ing and when coordinating backstage. I can’t wait for an excuse to hire her again."

Christian muniz

Christian owns and runs events at Harmony Studios in Philadelphia, USA

"On DJ’ing and MC’ing: I booked Sarah for a local event as a DJ and an MC. Sarah was nothing but professional throughout and handled unexpected changes with a smile. She excels at getting the dance floor up and moving while working her magic behind the DJ booth. Sarah provided needed experience and guidance to help make the night run smoothly. Her presence elevated the event and many attendees said that she was a highlight of the night. Sarah is a force to be reckoned with and would be a welcome addition to any event no matter how big or small. I can’t recommend her enough!"

"On Workshop: I booked Sarah for a DJ workshop at our local scene and I have nothing but good things to say! Sarah brings with her extensive experience and shares her knowledge with those in attendance in a way that gives them a new perspective on DJ’ing. The attendees had varying levels of experience but she made everyone feel welcomed and they all walked out having learned something new. Sarah has a great attitude towards teaching and does so in a way that is captivating and will leave you thinking about the material long after class is over. You can really tell that she loves what she does and if you are thinking of booking her then stop thinking about it and do it! You won’t regret it!"