My basic requirements include transportation, meals, lodging, and teaching/performing fees with minimums. I work with various teaching partners, each with similar requirements. I'm also happy to work with a local teacher to help keep costs down for you. I will teach partnered lindy on my own but at a higher rate. I can teach comfortably as a follow or a lead, please specify. See below for further details and answers to most frequently asked questions, and don't hesitate to get in touch with any questions or concerns. All monetary values below are quoted in UK £ sterling

PR Stuff

Feel free to use any material you think is suitable from this website. If you would like more, I probably have more. Please start with this stuff though as dancers will be more familiar with it.


I teach and perform with the following dancers- their primary role is designated in brackets after their names. Matthew Lane (Lead, UK), Warren Estermann (Lead, UK), Jeff Tong (Follow, UK). Other possibilities include but are not limited to Nancy Hitzig (Follow, UK/CAN), Ben Cook (Lead, UK/AUS), Katie Cobalt (Follow, UK/HK)


If we have not worked together before you will be responsible for booking my travel and paying the up front costs. I'm sure you understand my need to protect myself against unexpected cancellations. I suggest, moreover, that you make sure there is travel insurance on those tickets. If there is a lot of travelling between where I am staying and the venue/s for teaching/performing please ensure you provide transportation or money for a cab.


I require a real bed, in a room with a door that closes. Sofa beds and air mattresses do not count. Also, my teaching partner is not my romantic partner so do not expect us to share a bed.

MEal provisions

I eat meat, eggs and fish. I do not consume tofu, soya milk, anything with wheat, or dairy. Gluten free alternatives are fine- but I cannot eat anything from the Warburtons range in the UK for health reasons. Yes, it's an allergy nightmare, try living it.

Somehow I'm ok with soya sauce, so you can give me sushi as a pretty safe bet. Rice is fine, salad is fine, potatoes are fine. 


My maximum total number of hours teaching per day is 6 hours.

£45/hour when teaching with a named partner above. This does not include their rates.

£60/hour when teaching as a solo teacher.

£40/hour for private classes. This can be taken by a solo dancer or a dance couple. Group privates will be negotiated on a case by case basis. Wedding couples requiring choreography will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

£25/hour for DJing and/or MCing your event. Please notify me ahead of time for either of these requirements if you have originally booked me for teaching.


Please pay me in cash, £ sterling, in large notes, by the end of your event. Alternatively, you may transfer money direct to my bank account or via Paypal by the end of the following week after your event. You are liable for any fees incurred.


£15/hour extra for each lesson taught on an unsuitable floor (tile, concrete, marble, etc, or any such floor with a layer of wood laid on top).  If you have to ask if your floor is a suitable dance floor or not, then it probably isn't. Please understand that my health is my livelihood, and spending hours dancing on bad floors (dense, hard floors with no spring or give) affect it negatively. You don't like how it feels the morning after either.


Between teaching all day, social dancing at night, and potentially dealing with jetlag, workshop weekends can be exhausting. Therefore, in order to enhance the quality of my contribution to your event, I require 8 or more hours of downtime between my last responsibility of one day and first responsibility of the next day to guarantee adequate time for rest and recovery, as well as a maximum of 6 teaching hours per day. I also won't work on my arrival day unless I have agreed to do so in advance. It's also preferable to not start classes unnecessarily early! I will always factor short breaks into lesson planning, because it's just as important to keep students' energy levels up.  If you would like to discuss scheduling, let me know. 


After we have confirmed I will be working your event, those dates will be blacked out for me. Any other gig offers that conflict will be turned down in the good faith that you will not cancel on our agreement. Therefore, in the event that you must cancel, I will require a cancellation fee of half my minimum fee that we will have agreed, to protect myself from any lost opportunities. I will start enforcing this policy 30 days after we have confirmed.

legalities & quibbles

Any disputes or disagreements that arise in the course of our business dealings shall be settled in accordance with UK law. Pursuant to this, your electronic agreement to these terms and conditions constitutes a legally binding contract, with no need for a written agreement outside of our email correspondence. You are liable for any breach of said contract.