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Jo Hoffberg’s online solo jazz challenge

As if you don’t know who Jo is. Jo is an all round badass dancer, rockstar performer and incredible teacher.

Jo is known in our global community for many things, and I want to single out her teaching in this instance. She’s constantly on a personal quest to improve how she imparts knowledge to her students, and cares very deeply not just about WHAT they learn, but HOW they learn. I think this is really what puts her in a league of her own.

When Jo asked me to provide the playlists for her new Online Solo Jazz Challenge I was chuffed to little bits. I mean, this woman is a rock star, and she uses her authority to help raise the profile of others. She’s a talent nurturer, and that she sees something in me is something I will always be proud of.

The challenge runs over 4 weeks, and she was very explicit in what she wanted in terms of tempo ordering. Each week has a different playlist, and there is also a general warm up and cool down list in addition.

Other than BPM ordering and a few words to describe the feel of the music, I had complete free rein. The music world has been my oyster! Well, the music world within Spotify has been my oyster. We needed a platform which was easily accessible which had the ability to make private playlists. There were many songs which I wish you could have heard but I suppose you’ll just have to try and catch one of my DJ sets in person some time!

You might still have time to sign up for the challenge! Click here for more information.